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Satellite dish

Are you having problems with your television? It could be your aerial. If you're experiencing poor picture or sound quality, pixelation (breaking up) of your picture or freezing, the experienced technician at T.W & G. Roberts Aerials will diagnose your problem - and fix it! All of this at a price you'll like.

We can diagnose and repair all aerial faults

  • Aerial and satellite dish faults diagnosed

  • Repairs carried out following diagnostic testing

  • Old parts replaced with new as required

  • Storm damage - aerials replaced or repositioned as necessary

  • Signal boosters installed

  • New cabling installed where necessary

  • All associated equipment checked to make sure it is the aerial at fault

  • Survey of surroundings to see if trees, buildings or other obstructions are causing your problem and make the necessary realignment.

We employ the latest technical know-how

Like other equipment, regular servicing of aerials and dishes helps to prevent problems. We can also install new television systems, including advanced multi-functioning systems, home cinemas and specialist aerials for maximum signal strength and optimum picture quality, even in poor reception areas. Call us today for more details on 01407 760 969.

Your viewing problems sorted!